Design Challenge Ideas

 Dizayn fikrlash g'oyalari

 Дизайн Идеи Мышления

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This page is for a growing collection of simple design challenges to share with students to encourage the development of some of the engineering design skills as defined within NGSS.   If you are sharing with students and parents, it will help to encourage multiple trials emphasizing that one important goal is the development of perseverance and reflection - exploring what worked and what didn't each time.   


This is the design cycle model from Stanford that we use at CCS for our Essential Arts classes.  

  • Beginning - use empathy to understand the needs of anyone you are designing for and then define the problem you are trying to solve

  • Middle - brainstorm or ideate multiple solutions

  • End - build a rapid prototype and test it

Then we reflect on the outcome, often by sharing the story of our work with someone else and then return to the beginning to improve on our product or design.  

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Explore what makes a "good " paper airplane and then try something unique from NASA  - requires just paper and a piece of tape - could be adapted to grades 3-8 

Изучите, что делает «хороший» бумажный самолетик, а затем попробуйте что-то уникальное от НАСА - для этого потребуется только бумага и кусок ленты - можно адаптировать к 3-8 классам

Qanday qilib "yaxshi" qog'oz samolyotini yaratishini bilib oling va NASA-dan noyob narsani sinab ko'ring - shunchaki qog'oz va lentani talab qiladi - 3-8 sinflarga moslashtirilishi mumkin.

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Design a tower that is not only tall, but also minimizes the area of base to conserve costs. requires just paper and tape - could be adapted to grades 3-8 

Спроектируйте башню, которая не только высокая, но и минимизирует площадь основания для экономии затрат. требуется только бумага и лента - может быть адаптирован к 3-8 классам

Скоро выложу ссылку

Minora nafaqat baland bo'lib, balki xarajatlarni tejash uchun poydevor maydonini minimallashtiradi. shunchaki qog'oz va lentani talab qiladi - 3-8 sinflarga moslashtirilishi mumkin

Tez orada havolani joylashtiraman

Ring Wing

Slender Towers