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Edison Robots Come to Tashkent!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

On Monday April 17 STEM4Learning lead a workshop for 20 Tashkent teachers introducing them to the Edison Robot platform. Here is a short promo video created by the Uzbek Ministry of Education to celebrate they have called a great success and hopefully just the beginning of Edison robots in schools across the country: The full day workshop modeled how these robots can become the basis for introducing students to all kinds of STEM learning - problem solving, algorithmic thinking and mathematical reasoning - through the engaging fun of learning how to talk to a machine. The lessons gave teachers an opportunity to explore all three coding platforms - edblocks, edscratch and edpy - modeling the powerful cross grade level

potential the Edison robot has to introduce students to coding. The workshop was organized by the Uzbekistan Ministry of Education and the IT Park - with funding for the STEM4Learning Trainers being provided by a generous grant from the US Embassy and US State Department. During our upcoming Project NEGA workshops in Samarqand and Urgench, teachers will also continue their work with the Edison robots that were introduced as part of the November 2022 workshops. As part of this visit, Urgench State University will be starting an afterschool robotics club for local middle and high school students, using a set of robots and training that the US State Department funding has allowed STEM4Learning to provide to their staff and university students. Lots of new opportunities for 21st century STEM to take hold.

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