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Classroom Energizers

Quick activities (such as icebreakers) designed to get your students and their brains engaged with fun, movement and thinking. Click the "download" button to access a .pdf that offers ideas on how to implement these in your classroom.

KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES: an interactive “follow-the-leader” group activity where students learn to build an origami butterfly, combines very well with reading the STEM Picture Book “The Perfect Pet” or “Ambush of Tigers”

1, 2, 3 & CLAP, JUMP, MEOW: a quick counting game where partners alternate counting 1, 2, 3.  Then they repeat substituting a Clap for 1, then a Jump for 2 ending with Meow for 3.  Designed to get students moving, laughing and comfortable with mistakes.

ROBOT WALK ACTIVITY: working in pairs, one student will silently try to use hand signals to guide their partner “robot” through a basic maze while they walk with their eyes closed.  Useful for introducing any robot coding with the Edison robot.

MR. & MRS. WRIGHT STORY:  read the story in the .pdf asking students to raise their left or right hand whenever they hear the word. Can also be more active if group is standing, asking them to step or even jump right or left when they hear the word.

HOKIE POKIE:  a classic children’s song with many variations around the world where the entire group gathers in a circle and acts out “you put your right hand in, you put your right hand out  . . . “ continuing with numerous body parts.  Lots of movement and fun

PUZZLES TO KICK OFF CLASSES OR TRAINING SESSIONS:  Create a set of arrowheads from 7 pieces, a T from 4 pieces or figure out how to balance some nails - the .pdf includes links to download pieces and instructions

CUPSTACKING GAMES:   Grab a set of plastic cups and get stacking - here are three different variations on this simple activity - basic stacking, creating a group rubber band lifter, and creating / flipping a tower.  

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