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What is STEM? - Video Lessons

A collection of short video lessons explaining the core concepts of STEM including the science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts. The Download buttons will access a .pdf with all the video links

Коллекция коротких видеоуроков, объясняющих основные концепции STEM, включая научные и инженерные практики, а также сквозные концепции. Кнопка «Загрузить» откроет файл .pdf со всеми ссылками на видео.

OVERVIEW OF WHAT IS STEM? English and Russian Video series - in 2020, as part of a English Language Programs grant, we recorded 15 short videos that are an overview of STEM and how to use it in a classroom.  This is a .pdf overview

MODULE 1 - WHY CHANGE TO STEM? - this explains the basic ideas of STEM with some history of how my own learning about teaching has changed as I have learned more about STEM.

MODULE 2 - THE 8 SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING PRACTICES - these are the core skills that are really what STEM is all about and which we believe are the goals of using STEM in your classroom.

MODULE 3 - THE 7 CROSS CUTTING CONCEPTS - with so much content to teach in STEM, these are what are the big ideas that should be the focus of your STEM teaching.

MODULE 4 - THE 5 E'S AND A NEW MODEL FOR LESSONS - this is the basic flow of STEM lessons; engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate.

MODULE 5 - USING STEM TO SUPPORT ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING - we believe that STEM belongs in every classroom, but it is especially using in English language learning. 

MODULE 6 - SOME SAMPLE LESSON IDEAS - these are a few sample lesson ideas that show examples of STEM in actual teaching in our classrooms.

The English language videos are all accessible through Teachable at - an online course platform that allows you to work through everything as an online class.    

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