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Content Conversations

Activities that support the STEM Picture Books designed to get students talking about the core concepts to help build conversational fluency.

WHAT IN THE WORLD -  a quick exercise looking at pictures of six things up close to try to  identify what it is. Can be a soft start activity (something available as students come into the room or adults come into a workshop) or a normal full group activity.

ROTATE AND REVOLVE - when learning about the sun, earth and moon system as well as the origin of time words like day, month and year, these words are both important and often very confusing. This is a quick activity exploring their definitions.

CHINESE MOON - this conversation is based on the question of what phase of the moon people see around the earth every night, does it change based on their location?  This concept can help everyone really understand the sun, earth and moon system. 

ME AND MY SHADOW- this conversation asks students to think about how their shadow changes throughout the day and why that happens.  Connects well with the exploring the sun / earth / moon system from books like Somewhere in the World 

WALKING MODEL OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM - this activity explains how to create a 1 to 10 billion scale model of our solar system that students can walk to begin to learn the vastness of space.  Great addition to My First Book of Planets readaloud. 

NEXT TIME YOU SEE A . . . MENTOR TEXT STUDY BY EMILY MORGAN - this activity builds on the 9 Next Time You See A . . . picture books and has an activity where students create their own version around a topic they know a lot about or are very curious about. Great project based learning model for literacy and STEM. 

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