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Relationship Builders

Activities designed to help your students get to know each other and help create a positive classroom environment that supports learning.

ARE YOU MORE LIKE? :  a simple choice game asking students to decide whether they are more like two objects such as Cat or Dog, Slide or Swing, etc.  Often a movement activity where each side of the room represents one choice or the other.

WOULD YOU RATHER? : another simple choice game asking students to decide which of two choices they would rather do, such as would you rather have purple hair or no hair?  Pdf includes a link to a slide show with 14 premade choices ready for class

NAME GAME BALL TOSS : an energizer style name game that requires 10-12 small objects that can be tossed around a circle (balls, stuffed animals, etc.) in a challenge to quickly pass from person to person by calling out names.

INNER OUTER TALKING CIRCLE : organize in two circles, an outer circle facing in and an inner circle facing out so everyone is matched 1 on 1 with a partner.  Students are ready for quick partner conversations and an easy rotation to a new partner.

TALKING STRING : give each person 50 cm of string or yarn and wrap it around a finger.   Their task is to share about themselves with a partner, unwrapping the string once for every new thing they share.  When unwound, their partner then shares.

OBJECT PICK UP AND SHARE : from a collection you have of different objects (buttons, postcards, random toys), have students choose the one that they feel a connection with.  Then with a partner they can share the story of why they chose that item.

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