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Finished but Not Forgotten Projects

In 1983, STEM4Learning founder Allan Miller traveled to Leningrad, Soviet Union for a summer semester of Russian language studies at Leningrad State University.  The experiential learning that came from immersion in a different culture became a seed that has continued to grow into a commitment to participate in and often create unique experiences for students, teachers and classrooms around the globe.  If these spark an idea for something you would like to do - drop us a note and let's see if we can help create a new opportunity for you and your students.  

International Exchanges STEM Learning Soldona Madagan Russia

Soldotna / Magadan

Leading and coordinating over 15 years of student / community exchanges connecting the Kenai Peninsula with the people of Magadan.  

Fulbright Fellowship STEM4Learning

Fulbright Scholarship

Allan was a Fellow in Uzbekistan for 2 months in 2020, working in Samarqand to train a cohort of STEM specialists to lead teacher workshops

Connecting  STEM4Learning and Challenger Learning Center of Alaska

Voznsenka / Kenai 

A one year STEM based cultural exchange project linking 6th graders from Kenai and the Alaskan Old Believer village of Voznesenka 

Linking Alaska and Tasmanian Teachers and students through STEM4Learning

Ice-E Mysteries

A two year STEM and literacy project linking classrooms in Alaska and Tasmania for studying polar science and collaboratively writing STEM mysteries.


STEAM Team Service Learning

Creating an afterschool team of students learning 2D design skills and applying them to raise teacher morale with personalized signs and graphics. 

IMG_5663 2_edited.jpg

 Lego Robotics Teams

Coming soon

2023/24 will be my tenth year coaching a FIRST Lego League Robotics Team, work begun in remote villages in the Yukon / Kuskokwim Delta and continuing in Williston, Vermont

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