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NEGA Zoom Recordings

These are the unedited recordings from the biweekly Project NEGA Webinars where teachers explore how these ideas are working in their classrooms.

DECEMBER 10, 2022 NEGA ZOOM #1 - includes Would You Rather relationship builder, Not A Box STEM Picture Book read aloud, and introduction to the Rose, Bud, Thorn relationship builder sharing successes, challenges and future ideas.

JANUARY 7, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #2 - includes What in the World content conversation, a scavenger hunt energizer, The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes STEM read aloud, and the Me and My Shadow content conversation.

JANUARY 21, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #3 - includes Mr. and Mrs. Wright energizer, The Dot STEM Picture Book read-aloud, Is The Sun a Star Content Conversation, and the Rose, Bud, Thorn reflection looking at successes, challenges and future ideas.

FEBRUARY 4, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #4 - includes Who From History relationship builder, What color is the sky? Content conversation, Sky Color STEM Read Aloud, ideas for using Next Time You See a Sunset, and ideas for Edison robot connections.

FEBRUARY 18, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #5 - includes Favorite dog breed relationship builder, One Word puzzle energizer, If I Built a School STEM Picture Book read-aloud, and planning for April workshops

MARCH 4, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #6 - includes What new language relationship builder, 2 truths and a lie relationship builder, find something energizer, conversation about cycle of teaching emotions, Rose, Bud, Thorn reflections

MARCH 18, 2023 NEGA ZOOM #7 - includes Are you more like? Relationship builder, Eclipse content conversation, What do you do with an idea? STEM picture book read-loud, Rose, Bud, Thorn reflection

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