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Project NEGA Resources

Scroll down to find copies of education points we covered together during the workshop such as Picture Book Read-alouds, Energizers and Content Lesson Plans. 

Classroom Energizers

Quick activities (such as icebreakers) designed to get your students and their brains engaged with fun, movement and thinking.

Relationship Builders

Activities designed to help your students get to know each other and help create a positive classroom environment that supports learning.

STEM Read-Aloud Videos

Video read-alouds of excellent English Language picture books to  support STEM concepts while building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

What is STEM - Video Lessons

A collection of short videos explaining the core concepts of STEM including the science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts.

Content Conversations

Activities that support the STEM Picture Books designed to get students talking about the core concepts to help build conversational fluency.

Edison / Microbric Resources


Here are a collection of materials that can support your efforts to use the Edison robot to teach problem solving as well as critical and algorithmic thinking.   

NEGA Zoom Recordings

These are the unedited recordings from the biweekly Project NEGA Webinars where teachers explore how these ideas are working in their classrooms.

Video Picture Books

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