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Some of our favorite STEM
makerspace projects...

IMG_6261 2.JPG
Opening up the Computing Blackbox
Understanding Computer Memory
STEM educator, STEM resources, Science Technology Engineering and mathematics
Fifth and Sixth Grade Introduction to Woodworking - Making a Cedar Block Pencil Holder 
Coded scribbleart with
Edison robot and 3D printed
pen attachment
IMG_3986 3_edited.jpg
Creating a "bristlebot" with a coin cell battery, toothbrush and a cell phone vibration motor
IMG_5187 2_edited.jpg
Crafting a gravity feed candy jar from a 4 ft pine 1 x 6
Basic Woodworking skills
Using the glowforge lasercutter to create personalized signs for ourselves and for teachers
Basic lego engineering
using gears and EV3 to create amusement park rides
STEM educator, STEM resources, Science Technology Engineering and mathematics
Scribblebots - Turning Recycled Materials into some sort of Drawing Robot 
IMG_3657 4_edited.png
Creating a musical instrument that can play a song with Microbit and speaker
IMG_4510 2_edited.jpg
Edison Robot Maze Challenge
Version 1 - Koala Rescue
Version 2 - Artemis Moon Base
IMG_5232 3_edited.jpg
Lego EV3 and Makecode Engineering and Maze Challenge
V1 - Artemis Moon Base
Creating a complex parallel circuit using motors, led's and buzzers with multiple switches
IMG_4335 2.JPG
DJI Tello Drone Coding
Maze Navigation
IMG_4100 2.JPG
Third / Fourth Grade K’Nex Bridges Growing From Andrea Beaty Read-alouds 
IMG_3631 2.JPG
Using simple ciruits to design your original Operation Game
IMG_4226 2_edited.jpg
Making LED Acrylic Lights with Cricut cutter and some basic woodworking
IMG_5150 2_edited.jpg
Designing and creating
vinyl stickers with 
Cricut cutters
IMG_5362 2_edited.jpg
Quick Team Lego Build
Going from individual ideas to group consensus
Creating a wooden TicTacToe Game and 8 Frogs on a Log Puzzle from a basic 2 x 6
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