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Makerspace Ideas

My current teaching role is working with 3rd - 8th graders in the Creation Studio at Williston Central School in Vermont.  Click here to see a growing collection of what students do in our time together.


STEM4Learning is my way to pay it forward, creating hands-on teacher training growing from 35 years of teaching science, Russian and design tech in Alaska and Vermont.  Currently, the focus is supporting STEM and English teachers in Uzbekistan - and I’m always looking for unique opportunities to work with enthusiastic teachers. 



In case you are wondering - Nega is Uzbek for Why? - and the theme of the project is being able to legitimately answer that perennial student question "why are we doing this?" with an answer grounded in pedagogical research. 


Looking for some inspiration of how to go beyond your basic classroom and add some excitement to your life as a teacher.  That has been a theme of my 35 years as a public school teacher - here are just a few of doors that have been opened and allowed me to expand my world and impact students across the globe.

TRAINING Offered by STEM4Learning

Edison Robotics

Learn how to integrate Scratch coding into your lessons - bringing math, science and even art to life in any K-12 classroom using the robust Edison coding languages and structured lessons.