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Unleashed in Urgench - Project NEGA!

Our STEM4Learning team just wrapped up a fantastic week working with a wonderful team of teachers, professors and technology specialists at Urgench State University as kicked off Project NEGA in Khorezm Uzbekistan. From day 1 it was obvious that this was an incredible team - so much energy in the room every day of our trainings. During our 18 hours together we explored how to Nuture Engagement and Growth for All - playing with four different types of activities that can support English Language classrooms:

  • Energizers - short games and activities to engage our minds and bodies

  • Relationship builders - team building activities that get students working together and talking

  • Picture Books - every teacher was give 9 different STEM based children's books that were chosen to help get students thinking and talking

  • Content Conversations - these are simple lesson ideas that encourage students to ask questions, explore solutions and engage in thoughtful conversations.

We are so thankful for our host - Urgench State University and our Urgench Project NEGA Leader Feruza Masharipova, when we arrived everything was ready to go. A well chosen group of enthusiastic teachers, great learning spaces and even a wonderful lunch provided by the University canteen every day - it was all ready to go!

That made our work easy - just dive right in and explore lots of different ideas together. STEM4Learning trainer Joan Smith Miller brought dozens of games to get everyone laughing and moving, creating the perfect environment for our second trainer Allan Miller to introduce STEM ideas and picture books. After three days of hard work - everyone agreed that they had plenty of new ideas to explore and we look forward to unleashing these new ideas in classrooms all over Urgench and Khorezm - let Project NEGA really begin!

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